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Pte 42531 George Pennell
In Memory of
Pte George Pennell,
who died aged 19
Fri 25th Oct, 1918.
Remembered with Honour.
Pte 42531 George Pennell,
C Company, 9th Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

George was born in 1899, a son of Thomas and mary Pennell (nee Farr) of Pernau St (shankill Rd). He forged his age to enlist to fight in the 1st World War. he was tragically killed at the age of 19 on the 25th October (17 days before the end of the war) at the battle of River Lys. he was posthumously awarded the 1914-1918 war medal and the Victory medal. Georges' parents received the Memorial Plaque (known as the dead mans penny). His artefacts were donated to the museum at Schomberg House, Belfast.
Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland was established in 1798. We are a Protestant fraternity with members throughout the world. Autonomous Grand Lodges are found in Scotland, England, the United States of America, West Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our name comes from William III, Prince of Orange, and is kept because his victory over despotic power laid the foundation for the evolution of Constitutional Democracy in the British Isles.
Grand Orange Lodge of England

The Loyal Orange Institution of England is a part of the Worldwide Orange fraternity, being made up of an unlimited number of Protestants, whose staunch beliefs are based on the Reformation principles and truths of the Open Bible.  As a body of individuals joined together without any particular political persuasion, we go forward with the strength and courage that our conviction for Civil and Religious Liberty‚Äôs for all, a Protestant Biblical faith, and the Constitution of our Country remain an integral and important asset to the well being of our future.
Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland was Instituated in 1836. The origins of Scottish Orangeism are traceable back to the Irish Rebellion of 1798, inspired by the French Revolution. Scottish Soldiers serving with Fencible regiments, as well as the Regulars, were sent to Ireland to assist in defending against the rebellion. In this task they often served alongside Orange Yeomanry, the Order having been formed less than three years previously to band together loyal men in mutual protection of religion and country.
Grand Orange Lodge of Australia

The Grand Orange Lodge of Australia was Instituated in 1883. The first gathering and meetings of Orangemen took place in the early days of the colony in New South Wales amongst military personnel. They held warrants issued by the Grand Lodges of the United Kingdom and lodges consisted of brethren of the various regiments, several of them being 17th, 50th, and 63rd.
Grand Orange Lodge of
United States

The Grand Orange Lodge of the United States of America is a Christian and protestant fraternity. Male citizens and legal permanent residents of the United States are eligible for membership.
Grand Orange Lodge of
New Zealand

The Grand Orange Lodge of New Zealand was Instituated 1908
Grand Orange Lodge of Togo
The Grand Orange Lodge of Togo. In the early days of Orangism in West Africa Togo and Ghana operated as one. The Grand Orange Lodge of Togo was instituated in 1983, in 1994 Wor Bro Emmanuel Aboki Essien, born in Koenu Togo became the Imperial President of the World Wide Imperial Orange Counsel
Grand Orange Lodge of Canada

The Grand Orange Lodge of Canada. The Loyal Orange Association in Canada is a Fraternal group that provides a democratic forum of action for like-minded Protestant men and women who, concerned about their Faith and Heritage, wish to preserve, maintain, and promote this great institution and principles of democracy upon which all Canadians may enjoy equal rights under the law.
Imperial Grand Orange Council
of the World

The Imperial Grand Orange Council of the World. Was Instituated in 1867
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