Around 2007, a friend of Brother The Lord Laird of Artigarvan approached His Lordship with a view to the sale of lands along the Boyne River. It was found that the 27 acre site was indeed the piece of ground where King William`s main army crossed the Boyne for the fateful fight on 1st July 1690 the (later re-dated 12th July due to callander changes brought about by Pope Gregory). This large acreage was of course the very land of song and history and several gentlemen got together and raised necessary funds to begin the purchase of “The Green Grassy Slopes”
To help with fundraising, the Boyne Foundation are offering purchase of “Virtual Plots” of the Boyne.
Get your certificate marking the purchase of your virtual plot of land at the boyne and a piece of history.
The Boyne Obelisk LOL 1690
The Battle of the Boyne
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It was a very exciting time for those involved and the Loyal Orange Institution of Ireland as this area featured very prominently in the Battle of the Boyne, where the start of the Economic, Civil and Religious reform of the whole of Europe would begin, and was also considered to be “the hallowed ground” for every Orangeman and Woman worldwide. The Grand Lodge of Ireland archives refer to the area and indeed in 1911 AD the Minutes of some of the meetings refer to the possible purchase of that piece of land, and fundraising began. In 1914 the Great War broke out and plans were put on hold and never resurreccted. Now after almost 100 years, that plan has been realised and the land will be held in perpeturity.
In 2008 a further group of Orangemen and those sympathetic to our aims got together and it was decided to create a Foundation for the restoration of the Boyne Obelisk that stood on the ground , which once was the tallest structure in Europe. Measuring a staggering 172 feet high it was built by citizens of the area and businessmen in 1736 AD as a testament to the fallen at the Boyne in 1690, and was therefore built within living memory of the famous Battle. The monument stood until 1923 AD and was then blown up by an early act of terrorism, allegedly with dynamite stolen from the nearby Irish Army base.The base of the Obelisk remains to this day with several stones still scattered around and in the River Boyne itself.
Plans are underway whilst fundraising to restore the monument, to develop 4 acres of the site as a picnic area with car-parking space and it is envisaged that this area will supplement the facilities on the other side of Oldbridge at the beautiful Battle of the Boyne Visitors Center there.
To help with fundraising, the Boyne Foundation are offering purchase of “Virtual Plots” of the Boyne where purchasers will for their money, be able to submit an online memorial on their plot, and will receive a certificate of purchase etc.
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